Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Gateaway

Taking advantage during weekend, we went for unplanned and unscheduled visit back to kg. We didn't used normal Mex highway this time and take sg besi highway which is shorter route to sepang compare the mex route. This highway will cut through nilai 3 and i still remember vividly that the best ice cream parlow open it store there.

The ice cream was not that superb compare to Gellato at Midvalley and quite sweet too. aleeya donot want to sample the ice cream maybe because it full with fruit and sugary.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Family outing and dinner

1st time since very long time me and my wife can have our dinner in orderly manner with our children around.

The last outing cum dinner or lunch will end up I running around the eatery place trying to get hold either daniel or aleeya. Plus with cempaka start to be radio active we can't have our free time to enjoy good meal and chat.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Daily dosage of angel

Being a slow learner father, I wish I can be transformed to transformer or a doctor or a cartoon character just to make my children smile and laugh.

Last week the whole family (nearly me too) down for flu bug. Started with aleeya cute cough followed by daniel fever and cempaka running nose. And the best my wife got high fever due to tonsil problem which she didn't know affected her body. Both of us suprise when the 2nd doctor check her and told her that her tonsil was the culprit for the high fever.

With that our plan to go to penang for family holiday shelved and down to the drain. I had to go since I had mad prior arrangement to deliver paper in a seminar in penang.

The kids stil running like energizer bunny even though they were down with flu. The house still full of screaming and shouting except during tphe night where the sound of bad cough sneezing and winning took over.