Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family outing to Putrajaya

Thinking that I will not be around next week, I asked my wife either she interested to go outside for dinner and also outing for the kids.

The rain in the afternoon cool the temperature outside and provide ideal situation to go for outdoor activities. Cempaka try to usher me faster and we manage to go slightly after 8 pm. Not to expect much from the kids, they behave well and we manage to have lovely dinner with some minor shouting and grabbing.

Later after dinner at the secret recipe we stop for a quick fun at recreation area. The ship shape provide ample space for daniel to run around and he had to take off his shirt because he drench with sweat.

What a nite....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lazzy Sunday

Nothing to do on sunday the kids just having fun and playing around the house. They make so much noise until I can't hear anything on tv.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My wish

For my birthday I wish to have :

1. Happy family
2. Loving wife
3. Obedient and responsible children
4. Healthy life
5. Caring and supportive friends
6. Successfull career
7. Quite and easy life

And many more.

This is my wish list but I know not all can't be achieve. I will try my very best but along the way for sure there will be many obstacle eager to slow me down.

I wish my wish to come true. Aminn

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy birthday Mama

for this year birthday celebration i promise mama to bring her to a nice place for romantic dinner. not expensive but casual enough for both of us who didn't have our own time to be together.

after many discussion, planning and surfing in the net to find nice place, at the end we choose San Francisco Cafe in Bangi. My wife want to bring cempaka along since we will going for dinner after magrib. i dont want to left daniel and aleeya at home without their mama and papa so we decided to bring them along.

The romantic dinner transform to chaotic but manageable situation. anyway we as a family having so much fun minus the romantic scene.. heheheheh

Happy Birthday Mama, next year i promise you for another romantic or candle light dinner ok..