Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Quick beach retreat

I had busy schedule last week. My house still not ready to move in. The kids screaming for outing. Daniel want to go swimming in the pool, aleeya want to go to the beach and as usual cempaka want to jalan-jalan.

I had to pick up my plumber at the site with my family cramp in our small myVi and drove to kota warisan to drop him at my bro house. Then quickly rushing to my parents house. The kids keep asking when they can go for swimming. Arghhhhh tension building in my body.

But seeing their happy face once we reach the beah later in the afternoon make my day. Aleeya so bright in her tight swimming suit ermmm need to buy new one and daniel make new friend at the beach. The water not that deep since the tide slowly subside.

What a weekend to be remembered.