Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cempaka warded again

Normal fever quickly escalate into serious matter after few day. My wife brought her to KK for blood test on tuesday. Doctor said cempaka tonsil slightly swollen but after few round medication her fever didn't subside and her body temperature shoot to the roof. We are panic and decide to go to columbia hospital for further test. The decision which we regret. The service were slow and to many red tape to be follow. We wait for 2 hours to be warded and didn't get 2 person bedroom. We were push to 7 bed bedroom and have to wait another 6 hours to change into 2 bed bedroom.

The first medication went in and cempaka already show some sign to recover. Then the antibiotic kick in give us promise this is not dangerous fever. So we decided to discharge the next day.

Discharge proses another story where they took 7 hours to do that and slap me with fat bill. Lucky my insurance agent were efficient and helpful.

So to make it short don't try to check in to columbia hospital in puchong or you will be given slow service and high bill.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Swimmng with cousin balqis

My sister want the kids to follow her after lunch at my house. Aleeya and arrisa eager to go but daniel quite skeptical till my sister promise him to bring to the pool. That it...nail daniel

Saturday, June 08, 2013


Again old photo..but quite interesting because haikal was in the photo stretching a little bit before joining the gang into the pool

Sunday Park outing

This is old photo date 27/03/2013. Just have time to upload to the blog


They look so happy to go out from the house

Winter time

This is why winter didn't fall in puncak jalil hahaha

Bubble time