Monday, July 28, 2008


normaly a last minute planning will be successfull. For many month i tried to plan for holiday in port dickson but as usual always cancel in the eleventh hours bacause of many reason.. cuti la, bini x free la. etc etc. hehehe

Thank to mus, i manage to secure two room in PD AND UP AND AWAY. however when we reach there, a slight problem emerge.....the room suppose to belong to us are gone. so luckly mus manage to get an aprt near by. thank again bro.

The first activities on list is....swimming pool. without further due we are adjurn to the pool and second time a hurdle thrown to us. what...we have to pay for the pool.... sadly the hotel managemnt only allow hotels gust to use the pool and we have to pay some small token to use the same facilities. what to do....


Every day when i pick up my wife at the LRT station, i will look to the Europe Fun Fair site at KSN parking lot. I will wondering when i can bring my children to go and see the fair for a chance and enjoy the loud and glaring experience. lastly i manage to bring them to the fair. this is how is look from inside....