Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taman Rama-Rama Kuala Lumpur

1st visit after been postpone many time either by my tight schedule or my malasness..hehehe

anyway i took off on friday after sukma and planned this trip for my kids to have some fun. they been prison at home during sukma and this field trip will make them happy i hopes.

The Taman Rama-rama didn't disappointed us at all. Daniel, Aleeya and Cempaka had a blast touring the garden even it is quite small area compare to the bird garden. the fees not that expensive and the facilities provided are quite enough. we meet few photographer capturing the magical moment for their own record maybe and one nice chap point me to two butterfly mating dear the exit which is according to him very rare moment to see here in the butterfly garden.

The kids learn few extra information and the soothing environment provide us opportunity to be close as one family.

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