Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sorry mama

Maybe I'm not patient enough to listen to your grouses.

Maybe I'm so busy doing my thing until forgatten your's.

Maybe I'm deaf to your need and feeling

Maybe I'm not fit to be yours

But mama love me for what I'm and I will be yours eternity.

Sorry mama
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My dearest children

My day not shine without you

True enough what people said when we have children. These day I can't go through my day without seeing my children. Their cry shatter my inner soul.

My heart full seeing you
When they are happy seeing them smile make my bad day go away.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cherish my children

Cempaka is our new addition into our family. even just over 2 month she already shown her character

My princess Aleeya. no doubt the most bubbly in the house

Daniel with his usual dinosaur act.....

Today I realize it is not easy to rise up 3 children. Can't imagine how our parents did it those day especially my parents with 12 children on the row. With different character each children I still think how my mother prepare us meal and did house chores every day.

I think I owe my wife big fat thank for taking care of our children and make sure the house didn't fall apart. Hahahah no diamond or gold in this world can replace her. Love you mama.