Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend gate away : Melaka

When my wife told me that she have to attend a course in Melaka in May, I thought that will be our opportunity to have our family gateway. With all preparation done earlier we drove to melaka after office hours.

Finding the right direction using the map given by the organizer is quite easy but they should given more indicator such as how many traffic light to ensure we, the participant who is not born in Melaka take the right junction.
Anyway we manage to find the hotel without much hassle. The kids as usual were excited to venture into new environment. The apartment were spacious and allow the kids to have more space to play.

Daniel want to swim right away that evening. And prepared with his swimming suit in his hand I had to follow his wish.

Mom were busy attending the seminar and I'm busy babysitting the kids. Lucky ika manage to take care most of the demand and tantrum.

But at the end it is worth it thousand times to be with my family there...

Saturday, May 01, 2010

My treasure

Love this saturday. Without any planned I took my car key and drove to the park in front of Vista MSN with the whole family.

Pity nobody used this park for recreation or for family outing. Maybe because the caretaker of the area KSN put so many barricade and sign discouraging people to used it.

For sure TUN M when agreed to the original design was considering the park to be used as recreation are for KL people.

Hope the authority can promote this area and considered to review KSN policy.

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