Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My dearest children

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Technology now days allow you to be creative if you want to and it is easy. i just using picasa to create my children album and post it to my blog. this is call cloud computing. hahahaha

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Fever attacked again!!!

Daniel shown some recovery after nearly one week down with fever. We are lucky this times since daniel only contracted with high temperature not flu and his tonsil didn't swollen.

Aleeya just had her fever last thursday and knowing aleeya who do not want to take her medicine willingly I quite worried. But this round the fever didn't effect much on her.

While daniel is recovering and aleeya just had slight fever, Cempaka had it last nite in full blown proportion. Last night at 5 am her temperature shoot up quite high resulting us to shot her with voren.

Mama also down with flu and fever. Lucky not that serious only have to rest and take her medicine.

My children hope all of you will recover soon and we can play outside again.