Sunday, September 25, 2011

Morning Stroll with gegirl

Quite sometimes I didn't bring my kids for morning stroll. This time daniel don't want to go and only Aleeya and Arrisa eager to go for a morning walk.

Even though only for half an hour but I fell glad that three of us manage to go out and enjoy the scenery.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Raya 2011: Beraya di Sik Kedah

as usual year by year since our 2003, me will make the journey from sepang to sik or from sik to sepang after 1st day raya.

This year the traffic at the highway were so busy and many more idiot driver stroll the highway making the journey back home quite adventurous. anyway we safely drive back to sik within 6 hours.

Raya 2011..sambutan di Bangkong

photo ops with Datuk dan Nenek..where is daniel??? adusss
my boy look so handsome in baju melayu..Black??not the right color for hot weather

mama holding arrissa who just woke up..tak comel la baby
waking up too early??

hehehe...look like daniel will take over his dad from the dating chart
like father like son, what can i say