Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Outing to the site

My wife suggested that we bring the whole family to the site for our sunday outing and also to check out the latest development on site. My brother, kak ani, tasha and irfan were there since 9 am to inspect the site and had some discussion with the workers.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boating at the Mines

The weather not so kind for the past few days. The rains comes and go as it wish and today the rain started earlier till late afternoon. Braving the weather we drove to mines for afternoon window shopping and manage to get book for daniel and aleeya.

After quick bite at KFC daniel saw boat in and out through the canal and asked whether we can hoop into one of it. Agreed with his request and quickly paid the ticket which was not that expensive.

We were so lucky since 5 of us the only passenger for south lake tour. The earlier passenger drop at the commuter station and leave the whole boat to us. Hahaha. The driver of the boat was kind enough to explain about the lake, the mansion build around the lake and he also allowed aleeya and daniel steer the boat. Both of them were so trill and happy and at the middle of the lake 3 swan swam near to the boat. The kids were so trill and keep yelling ' swan' to us.

What a perfect evening with the rain start to drizzle once we reach the canal towards the jetty.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baby day out: Jaya Jusco Midvalley

Manage to take my kids to go for fun trip to Jaya Jusco fun park in Midvalley. We didn't realize that JJ had it Depa sales so the crown quite big and the fun park full with kids.

The 3 musketeer ready to rumble and the first machine they attack were the space car..changing 20 and they manage to vanish it within 30 minutes. Another 10 gone with the wind and finally we slowly move away from the fun park. The kids showing their bargaining skills and manage to get away with 2 toys. Ermmm

Anyway we had so much fun till a phone call cut it short. Next time guys

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Petang yang suram

budak tak mau mengaji

hanger pun jadi laaa

peace y'll

gigi mana

Aleeya don't want to listen to her mother and refuse to take her iqraq session. After so many effort to persuade her still she don't want.

But abang in his good mood showing me newspaper story about boboiboy. He so obsess with boboiboy nowdays.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Jalan-jalan Putrajaya

Taking short trip to Putrajaya for evening stroll with the kids and mem. The weather quite soothing and the kids enjoy the outdoor very much.

The trip started at mcdonald petronas for quick dinner. As usual daniel will as for lemon tea and nugget. Aleeya with fries while Arrissa will sample all without fail.

Then we drove slow and easy using mex highway to putrajaya. Didn't realize that putrajaya had it pasar malam night so we had to detour before reaching in front of Putrajaya Masjid. So many car park infront of the mosque and I hope the authority will provide more ample space to park and for the family to sit. Please la pasang la kerusi besi ka apa ka..takan nak duduk bersila atas jalan kot.